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Diploma of Business


Designed to give students a comprehensive introduction to the business world, whether they are looking to work for a global organisation or manage their own business, this diploma program will provide them with a pathway into the second year of a range of Murdoch University degrees.



Our Diploma of Business incorporates the study of business as a process, the organisational context and the environment in which it operates. This diploma will allow students to develop the basic knowledge and skills to enable them to work successfully in a variety of business settings across a wide range of business functions. Upon successful completion, students qualify for direct entry* into the second year of selected Murdoch University bachelor degrees.

* Upon meeting any additional prerequisites set by the University on selected programs


The facts

Program Length 2-3 trimesters (15 weeks per trimester)
Structure 8 units 6 core units +2 elective units
Hours of tuition Entry requirements
Total tuition price* $20,800 (International)
$ 9,960 (Domestic)
Tutorial size Average 15, maximum 25
Minimum age 17 years
Intake dates 2016 Feb 10, Jun 8, Oct 5
2017 Feb 13, Jun 12, Oct 9

Eligible students who satisfy citizenship and residency
requirements may apply for FEE-HELP.
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*Price listed if for tuition only. Other fees may apply.



Core Units

  • Academic Skills for Business BBS100
  • Foundations of Accounting BUS170
  • Foundations of Economics BUS171
  • Foundations of Management & Governance BUS176
  • Foundational Mathematics for Business BUS130
  • Transforming Business BBS150


Choose 2 units of study from the below

  • Foundations of Business Law BSL165
  • Foundations of Marketing BUS183
  • Introduction to Tourism Systems TOU101
  • Understanding International
  • Politics POL161
  • Or up to 2 units from another MIT Diploma**

** Individual guidance on unit selection will ensure the completed MIT diploma meets the core unit requirements of the intended major(s) at University.

For unit descriptions, please see

Please note: Subject availability is subject to demand and will vary depending on time of commencement and choice of bachelor degree. Subjects offered or required may change based on Murdoch University requirements subjects offered or required may change based on Murdoch University requirements.

Degree Choice

Successful completion will satisfy entry requirements for progression to Year 2 of a Bachelor of Business, with a choice of major in the following:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Business Law
  • Economics*
  • Finance
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

*Majors requiring additional units to be taken at Murdoch University

Career Options

  • Financial Representative
  • Marketing Manager
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Hotel Manager
  • Economist
  • Accountant

These are just an example of the many different careers that might be available to students who graduate from a related degree at Murdoch University.