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Information and Communication Technology

This diploma provides an introduction to computer software, hardware, processes, information systems and programming languages as they are being used today and developed for the future.



Today information technology surrounds us and the industry is still growing, few other industries are so diverse. The skills and knowledge gained throughout the diploma can be applied in a huge variety of sectors providing support, direction and inspiration to both small and large organisations. Students will gain an understanding of how information technology is embedded in society and explore its wide-ranging role both in its physical form and as a communication process. The units will provide students with a range of technical skills and new ways of thinking to help solve problems and to make the best use of data and technology in the workplace.

The facts

Program Length 2-3 trimesters (15 weeks per trimester)
Structure 8 units 6 core units + 2 elective units
Hours of tuition 4 hours per unit per week
Total tuition price* $20,800 (International)
$ 9,960 (Domestic)
Tutorial size Average 15, maximum 25
Minimum age 17 years
Intake dates 2016 Feb 10, Jun 8, Oct 5
2017 Feb 13, Jun 12, Oct 9

Eligible students who satisfy citizenship and residency requirements may apply for FEE-HELP. Go to for more information

*Price listed if for tuition only. Other fees may apply.


Core Units

  • Academic Skills for Business BBS100
  • Foundations of Computer Systems ICT170
  • Foundations of Data Communications ICT169
  • Foundations of Discrete Mathematics MAS162
  • Foundations of Programming ICT159
  • Principles of Computer Science ICT167


Choose 2 units of study from the below

  • Introduction to Information Systems ICT158

Plus one other unit, or up to two units from another MIT Diploma*

*Individual guidance on unit selection will ensure the completed MIT diploma meets the core unit requirements of the intended major(s) at University. 

Plus one unit of study from another diploma, depending on availability.

For unit descriptions, please see 

Please note that some elective units may not be offered every trimester. Subject availability is subject to demand and will vary depending on time of commencement and choice of bachelor degree. Subjects offered or required may change based on Murdoch University requirements.

Degree Choice

Successful completion will satisfy entry requirements for progression to Year 2 of a Bachelor of Science, with a choice of major in the following:

  • Business Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Cyber Forensics and Information Security
  • Games Software Design and Production
  • Games Technology
  • Internetworking and Network Security*
  • Mobile and Web Application Development

*this major requires additional units to be taken at Murdoch University

Career Opportunities

  • Business Analyst
  • Systems or Security Analyst
  • IT Security Manager
  • Game Programmer
  • Web Designer
These are just an example of the many different careers that might be available to students who graduate from a related degree at Murdoch University.