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Why choose the MUPC?

Building Learning Foundations

Each unit builds concepts from an introductory level through to university entrance level, bridging gaps in subject knowledge and learning techniques.

This allows students who have not previously completed studies in their chosen degree area to develop confidence and build knowledge of the principles that underpin their chosen speciality before beginning their degree.

Flexible Structure

Students may elect to study two or three units per trimester to suit their individual needs. Each unit includes 9 hours of class contact over a 15-week trimester. A student on a full load of three (3) units will have 27 hours of classroom contact each week. A part-time load of two (2) units will involve the student in 18 hours of classroom contact each week.

Personalised Streams

Students are encouraged to select units according to their interests and preferred Murdoch University bachelor degree destination. Academic staff at MIT will assist in the selection of units and provide students with a personalised study plan at the time of enrolment.

Recognition of Prior Learning

The MUPC requires completion of, or exemption from, a total of six units. National principles of Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) are applied to give appropriate credit and exemption for units. This avoids unnecessary duplication of study and allows students who have previously undertaken tertiary entrance studies and examinations, or mature age students, to be given up to three credits and exemptions. Prospective students should discuss their potential RPL with academic staff at the time of enrolment.

Why enrol in the Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC)?

  • Accelerates university preparation from Year 11 or Year 12 or international equivalent
  • Allows you to change degree stream without repeating Year 11 or Year 12

CRICOS course code: 069100D