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MUPC Course Structure

MUPC Core & Elective Units

Combine the core MUPC subjects with up to three recommended elective subjects from one of the four streams. The MUPC course structure will depend on your prior learning.


Course Structure
 MUPC 6  3 core subjects + 3 elective subjects
 MUPC 4  2 core subjects + 2 elective subjects
 MUPC 3  1 core subject + 2 elective subjects


Program length  1-3 trimesters (depending on academic transcript) (15 weeks per trimester)
Hours of tuition  Nine hours per subject per week
Entry requirements  Available here


Core Units (Compulsory)
Communications I
Information Technology I
Mathematics & Statistics I


Stream Recommended Elective Units
(Students can choose any 1-3 units below)
Business Accounting
Introductory Law
Language for Study
Information Technology Communications II
Mathematics and Statistics II
Language for Study
Communication and Media Studies Communications II
Introductory Law
Mathematics and Statistics II
Language for Study
Science Chemistry
Human Biology
Mathematics and Statistics II
Language for Study

*Mathematics & Statistics I must precede Mathematics & Statistics II unless evidence of competency equalling Mathematics and Statistics I is provided.

Please note: that some elective units may not be offered every trimester. Subject availability is subject to demand and will vary depending on time of commencement and choice of bachelor degree. Subjects offered or required may change based on Murdoch University requirements.

CRICOS course code: 069100D