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Unit Descriptions

MUPC Core Unit Descriptions (Compulsory)

Core Units Unit Focus
Communications I (PDF) Oral and written skills required to communicate effectively in further studies. Includes researching, analysing, organising and presenting information using the most efficient communication processes.
Information Technology I (PDF) Develop competencies which will give the flexibility to explore and use software packages to meet study and career demands.
Mathematics and Statistics I (PDF) Includes the foundations of algebra, calculus and statistics (basic level mathematical skills). Prerequisite for the Mathematics and Statistics II Elective.


MUPC Elective Unit Descriptions (Choose Three)

Elective Units Unit Focus
Language for Study (PDF) This unit is designed to give students increased ability and confidence in the English language skills required for University study.
Accounting (PDF) Understand the financial operations of different forms of business organisations and non-trading enterprises. Develop skills and knowledge in processing financial data, producing and analysing reports.
Chemistry (PDF) Physical and chemical properties of substances, the nature of matter and a study of chemical reactions and processes. Overview of chemical science and its impact on society and the environment.
Communications II (PDF) An analysis of media communication including and the construction and meaning in language systems and complex media technologies; and an awareness of the political, social, economic, historical and technological implications of the media.
Economics (PDF) The economic framework in which societies operate. Introduction to the concepts of Market Forms, the application of economic principles to manufacturing firms and an introduction to broad macroeconomic concepts and their applications.
Human Biology (PDF) Biological evolution of humans, the human life cycle, the structure, processes and function of the human body including cellular respiration, synthesis and growth.
Introductory Law (PDF) Legal obligations, risks and responsibilities facing both employers and employees in a range of fields and industries. It will also address some of the personal rights and responsibilities, from a legal perspective, of individuals in Australia.
Management (PDF) Roles of management within various types of businesses in Australia and the wider trading community. Provides an overview of the influencing factors to be considered by managers.
Marketing (PDF) Roles of marketing within various types of businesses in Australia and the wider trading community. Provides an overview of the marketing mix and the influencing factors to be considered by marketers.
Mathematics and Statistics II (PDF) Builds on the Algebra and Statistics components of Mathematics and Statistics I, and introduces Vector Geometry and Trigonometry. Provides sound preparation for students intending to pursue tertiary studies.
Physics (PDF) Matter and energy and their interactions – includes basic principles of physics and their applications to the technologies on which modern society depends. Involves practical investigations, tasks incorporating logical and analytical thinking and the communication of scientific information and ideas.

CRICOS course code: 069100D