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Live Perth Like a Local: Evelin from StudyPerth lets us in on her favourite Perth spots

Perth attracts all sorts of people from all over the world. Some end up here from the other side of the world, seduced by its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful nature. Evelin Alvares is one such person. Originally from Brazil, she’s been living in Perth for four years now, and in Australia for twelve. She’s currently working for our friends at StudyPerth, telling students from around the world about the adopted home she has fallen in love with. Here’s her story: My name is Evelin, I’m a marketing manager at StudyPerth, and I’m originally from Brazil. 12 years ago I moved … Continued

Trimester Three at MIT! Everything You Need to Know About Orientation

Welcome back everyone and an extra big welcome to those of you starting your first semester ever at MIT! It’s just not the same here without our students around, so MIT staff are all glad to have you back. You might be wondering what’s happening on orientation day and the first two weeks, particularly those of you who are new. To help you keep track, we’ve put together this little overview of key points and highlights.   Orientation Day, Wednesday 4th of October Put it in your calendars! You’ll be receiving some valuable information on orientation day so don’t miss it. … Continued

Dealing with Exam Stress: 10 Tips on How to Stay Cool Under Pressure

Do the words ‘exam time’ put you in a cold sweat? As you approach your assessment week, are you experiencing symptoms like irritability, depression or a sick feeling in your stomach? You’re not alone. Worryingly, an increasing number of students in Australia are reporting high levels of anxiety associated with exams. That’s not okay. Exams are a part of every kind of education, and they’re not likely to go away anytime soon. You’ve just got to do them, but they don’t have to send you into a panic. With a few good strategies, you can survive exam time with your … Continued

Taking Care of Each Other: The MIT Language and Cultural Exchange

If you go for a wander around Murdoch University campus, you’ll hear students speaking languages from all over the world. At Murdoch Institute of Technology, our community is vibrant and diverse, and that’s what makes us so unique. We recognise that for many people, moving away from friends and family can be a daunting experience. That’s why we created the Language and Cultural Exchange (LACE) program, in partnership with Murdoch University’s Equity Projects. LACE is a student group designed to foster friendship. The program hosts fortnightly social English sessions where students can chat in depth and get to know each … Continued

What to do in Perth Without Wheels (and on a budget): 5 Self guided day trips without wheels

If you Google ‘things to do in Perth’ there will be a million tour operators trying to sell you car hire or a trip to somewhere nearby for $200. Don’t let them fool you. With the Transperth App on your phone, a packed lunch and a bit of research you can have a fabulous day trip using neither car nor stacks of money. Try out your adventurous spirit with any of these five ideas, and you’re guaranteed to have a magical day.   See the Smallest Penguins in the World on Penguin Island: by train and ferry Yep. You read … Continued