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We want to make sure our students are happy in their new home, as well as in their studies so it is very important to choose suitable accommodation.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Min Age Room Type Meals/Week Apply online
Homestay 16 Single Varies
Murdoch University Village 17 Single/Multi No Meals


Homestay is a wonderful way to share a unique cultural experience. The student lives as a family member, has breakfast and dinner provided on weekdays and all meals provided over the weekend. The evening meal is shared with the family, while breakfast may be prepared by the student. The student has his/her own furnished bedroom that includes a desk and study lamp.

Homestay is intended to provide a family environment for the student. The host family is committed to caring for and encouraging the student to participate in family activities.

Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) is proud to be working in cooperation with the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) for the provision of homestay accommodation services to its students. Living in a homestay allows students to practice their English and experience the Australian lifestyle.

AHN Homestay hosts will help you to settle in to life in Australia, all of our homestay families have undergone extensive training, police checks (as required), are personally interviewed and their homes professionally inspected. Other benefits include Insurance to protect you and your belongings while in homestay, and a professional 24/7 helpline including interpreter services should you ever need assistance.

To find out more, join AHN and book your Homestay accommodation please visit


Hostel accommodation is a good temporary option when a student first arrives in Perth. Student Services can advise students where they can book into a local hostel until they decide on more permanent accommodation.

Age restrictions apply to certain accommodation options. If an international student is under the age of 18, they are required by law to either have a legal guardian who is a direct family member over the age of 21 with whom they will reside in Perth, or live in a homestay arrangement with a local carer approved by MIT.

Murdoch University Accommodation

Students can choose to stay on campus in Murdoch University Village or alternatively, the University’s off-campus housing officer can help students who cannot be accommodated at MUV, or who prefer to live off campus, in finding private accommodation.

Murdoch University Village (MUV) can house over 800 students in fully self-contained apartments. Students can choose to live in either a one, two, three, five or eight-bedroom apartment. While there are some twin share rooms available, most students will have their own fully furnished bedroom, with shared kitchen and living room facilities.

MUV facilities include:

  • Recreation room with pool tables, table tennis and video games, television lounge and music room
  • Computer laboratory, photocopy centre, study rooms
  • Three large laundries with coin-operated washing machines and dryers
  • Volleyball and basket ball courts

It is Murdoch University policy to house male and female residents from different social and cultural backgrounds together. Residential staff live on site and include a team of peer Residential Assistants who enable residents to quickly adapt to their new environment, and who ensure that MUV rules, regulations ,and standards of behaviour are followed.

For further information, including prices and how to apply, download this pdf or you can visit the website here:

Accommodation Comparison Table

Advantages Advantages
Suitable for students with busy schedules or who cant cook You can choose what to cook and when
No grocery shopping as all meals are provided More independence than a homestay
Valuable cultural exchange Opportunity for social interaction, generally with people from all over the world
Good opportunity to improve English Skills Good opportunity to improve English skills
MIT can make arrangements for you and the host will be MIT approved MIT can make arrangements for you
Own furnished room Option of own room or shared room
Support and security offered by the host family Security offered by hostel management
Disadvantages  Disadvantages
Less flexibility May have to supply own cooking and eating utensils
Requires adjustments for both the student and homestay family (e.g. habits, customs etc) Shopping and cooking can take time
Household routines may be rigid
(e.g. Shower times)
Must connect own phone
Wireless broadband internet access must be shared with family Must commit to minimum length of stay depending on hostel requirements
Location varies Location varies
There may be a small extra cost to gain access to the Internet

Organising your own Accommodation – Advice

Should you wish to take responsibility for your own accommodation please ensure you research your options thoroughly.

Do not sign any agreements without being aware of your rights.

The legislation governing Share/Board/Lodge House arrangements is currently under review – please ask the MIT accommodation office if you require any assistance with contracts or checking whether the accommodation satisfies regulations.

Please always check the following when considering sharing, boarding or lodging:

  • your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • house rules and/or regulations and how they are enforced
  • limitations to room and/or facilities access at certain times
  • whether the premises are adequately maintained
  • any additional fees and charges you may be responsible for
  • the length of notice required on termination of contract
  • if receipts for rent, security bond, utility and other payments are provided