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Campus Facilities



The Main Library is located at the south end of Bush Court. The Library’s website gives you comprehensive information about all the Library’s resources and services. Many Library resources and services are available electronically. You can also manage your account electronically to check borrowings and make renewals.

Resource Centre

The Student Learning Resource Centre is located on level 4 of the Main Library. The Centre has a range of skills-building and reference materials that students can use. Learning skills assistance is also available online, to help students with:
  • Essay writing
  • Referencing
  • Exam techniques
  • Assessing their progress
  • Managing their time
Students can develop their online learning skills on the dedicated Murdoch online learning site. Some of the key areas of learning cover:
  • Keeping on track
  • Reading effectively online
  • Using discussion forums

Computing Facilities

Murdoch University has many general purpose computer laboratories that are available to all students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These laboratories all run the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, provide Microsoft Office 2007, and have access to the Internet. Students are allocated 30Mb of storage space on a networked server called MyDisk, which they can use to save their own documents and files. Students’ files stored on MyDisk can be accessed from most laboratories on campus, including the general computing laboratories, and will appear as another drive in ‘My Computer’ or in ‘Windows Explorer’.

Library Computing Labs

The Library has computing areas (eLibraries) where students and staff can access online resources for learning and research. The Library catalogue, Library services and the electronic databases are available from these areas. ELibrary2 has Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point installed for producing and editing documents. Printing is available from any of the Library computers, at a cost per page.

Internet Access

All students and staff have a Murdoch Username and Password for use on the university network and may access the Internet in the computer labs or by using the modem dialup account provided.


The Bookshop is located on the ground floor of the Amenities Building near to Carpark No. 4. You can buy books in the bookshop in person or online at:

Please check that you have bought the right book as the bookshop will only accept returns if you withdraw from your course (up to the second week of Trimester).

Student Guild Shop

The Guild shop sells, amongst other things, limited grocery items, phone cards, a few items of clothing and TNT boxes for transporting goods overseas

Second-Hand Text Books

If you wish to buy or sell text books please see the Student Liaison Officer, who has a limited number of second-hand books for sale to students. Also, there is a university Second Hand Book Exchange (inside the Guild Shop) to assist students and staff to buy or sell second hand textbooks. You can view the books or online at, or in person at the Guild Shop. For more information please contact the Guild Shop on 9360 6776.

Student Guild & Sports Centre

You are able to join the Student Guild, take part in all kinds of social activities, join associations and benefit from discounts in all areas of student life.

Murdoch Guild Sports is committed to providing the best sports programs, facilities and recreation activities for all students, staff and the surrounding community. Whether you are looking for a sports competition to join, a group fitness class or gym workout, or if you just want to hire a squash court they can assist you.


Unicredit and Bankwest have branches located on the University campus. Also, Bankwest and ANZ have Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) on campus.


All cars or motorbikes parked on University land must display a current valid parking permit or a valid metered parking ticket. Parking areas and parking bays are clearly marked and if you have not paid for your parking you will get an infringement notice and will have to pay a fine.

Further information on specific car park zones and permit prices is available at:

Pay Telephones

The University has a number of pay phones located across the campus as follows:

  • Two between Physical Science and Chancellery
  • Two outside the Main Library
  • Three in Student Village
  • One at Lakeside Student Housing

Toilet Facilities

There are male, female and disabled toilets conveniently located throughout the Campus buildings.