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Student Visa Information – FAQ

Do I need a visa to study in Australia?
If you plan to study less than 12 weeks in total, you may apply for a Tourist Visa. If your length of study is over 12 weeks, you will need a Student Visa. For more information about obtaining an Australia visa, please visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) website, or visit the Australian Embassy or Consulate in your region.
How much time does it take to get a Student Visa?
A Student Visa is issued to students who are going to study full-time in Australia. The time it takes to obtain one depends on the Australian Embassy from which you apply.
How soon can I start at Murdoch Institute of Technology?
If you are applying for a visa you should give yourself from 1 – 2 months until your desired starting dates, especially if you need accommodation.
I didn’t write a start date on my application because I want to start as soon as I get approved for a student visa is that ok?
We need to have a start date in order to process an application. Enough time should be given for your visa to be processed and accommodation secured.
What happens if my visa is denied?
As per the Terms and Conditions, fees paid to us will be refunded on receipt of written notification and proof that your visa application was denied prior to your start date.
Does Murdoch Institute of Technology issue visas for Australia?
No. All visas are issued by DIAC or an Australian Embassy/Consulate abroad.
How do I get a visa?
You must first apply to study at Murdoch Institute of Technology. If you are eligible for admission, Murdoch Institute of Technology will issue an Enrolment Agreement (EA) and invoice to you. Murdoch Institute of Technology will only issue you a receipt and ECOE (Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment) for your student visa application when the completed and signed EA and the full payment for your booking is received. You should send these documents to the DIAC or the Australian Embassy/Consulate as evidence of your course.Please refer to the DIAC website for further information on what is required when applying for a student visa, your visa options and the latest visa developments.
Which Embassy should I visit?
Please refer to the DIAC website to find out where to apply.
How long will my visa be valid for?
Murdoch Institute of Technology does not issue your visa and therefore cannot confirm for how long it will be valid. Visas are typically given for the length of your course + 4 weeks. However this is dependent on providing the DIAC with the proper documents. You should confirm this information with your local Australian Embassy/Consulate.
Can Murdoch Institute of Technology help me complete an application for a visa?
Murdoch Institute of Technology is able to provide you with the documents to prove you are a confirmed student at our school (Enrolment Agreement, Accommodation Guarantee, and/or Receipt). However, prior to arrival, it is the student’s sole responsibility to complete all government documents to obtain the visa. Once you are at Murdoch Institute of Technology, we can give you the necessary information on how you can change your visa or apply for a visa extension if necessary.
What is the likelihood that my Visa application will be approved?
Murdoch Institute of Technology does not issue visas and therefore cannot confirm the likelihood of approval. However, you should note that the granting of a visa is not guaranteed.
What happens if I am refused a visa?
If your visa application is refused, you should ask the Consular Officer for the reason. You have the right to request the refusal in writing as well. If there is no reason stated or if it is due to your personal submission, Murdoch Institute of Technology will be unlikely to be able to assist you further. In most cases, the government’s decision is final and there is little Murdoch Institute of Technology can do to change their decision.
Can my student visa be extended if I need more time to study?
Yes, if you would like to continue your studies with Murdoch Institute of Technology, our Student Services will be glad to assist you with your Student Visa extension. You should notify Student Services of your plans to extend at least 4 weeks prior to your last day of study.
Do I have to show a bank statement on arrival even if I have paid?
Murdoch Institute of Technology recommends that all students arriving into the country carry with them proper documentation as stated on the DIAC website.
Can I change my start date after receiving my Student Visa?
You can change your start date any time before entering Australia. Simply contact Murdoch Institute of Technology to confirm your new start date as soon as you know about the change. At that time, Murdoch Institute of Technology will mail you a revised Enrolment Agreement to show your new study dates. A failure to notify Murdoch Institute of Technology about these changes can cause problems for you at the Port of Entry and/or Australian Embassy. If you want to begin before your start date, this is acceptable. Simply go to the school and let them know you want to start early.
Can I enter Australia before or after my start date?
The Student Visa issued to you by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship will notify you of the dates your Student Visa is valid. You should adhere to these dates. If you travel to Australia after your start date, you will probably face problems at the Port of Entry, since it appears you failed to meet the requirement of reporting to the school by your start date. To prevent problems at the Port of Entry, you should contact Murdoch Institute of Technology and ask that we postpone your start date if you are unable to arrive before your start date. At that time, Murdoch Institute of Technology will mail you a revised Letter of Acceptance with a postponed start date.
What documents will I need to show at the Port of Entry?
In general, you must show the Port of Entry Officer the following documents. If these documents are missing or incomplete, you may be detained, questioned or denied entry altogether:A valid (non-expired) passport;
A valid (non-expired) Student Visa (if applicable);
Bank statement;
Proof of outbound travel (if arriving on a visitor’s visa);
Documents from Murdoch Institute of Technology:
– Letter of Acceptance;
– ReceiptFor more information visit the DIAC website.
What are the study requirements at Murdoch Institute of Technology?
Students on a Student Visa must study full time. If you do not meet Murdoch Institute of Technology’s full time study requirements while studying with a Student Visa, Murdoch Institute of Technology will be obliged to notify DIAC of your status and you risk falling out of legal status.
Can I work during my studies at Murdoch Institute of Technology?
Students with a valid STUDENT visa may work up to 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks) after starting their course and work unlimited hours during their course holidays. This work right is included automatically for all students coming in on a student visa.