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Pre Departure

Pre Departure Information

Download our Departure Guide here – this should provide you with all the information you need to know before leaving your home.

You will also need to check that you have done and got evidence of the following items –

Enrolment Check List

  • Letter of Offer (LoO) received
  • Tuition fees paid
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) received
  • Passport expiry date checked to cover enrolment period
  • Made application for Student Visa
  • Health check undertaken and letter obtained for prescription medications
  • Three copies of all important documents made (original for travel; copy in suitcase; copy left at home).
    Documents may include:

    Passport (with visa)
    Proof of financial support
    CoE and LoO
    Academic transcripts from previous study
    Driver’s licence – International, if held
    Written character reference (translated into English)
    Important medical, dental and optical records and any prescriptions for medications or spectacles
    Accommodation details – including telephone numbers
    Traveller’s cheques and cash
    MIT’s details – including mobile number of Student Welfare Officer and office numbers
  • Travel arrangements booked – to arrive before Orientation
  • Travel insurance purchased (optional)
  • Airport pick-up requested in writing
  • Accommodation requested or arranged
  • International banking account opened or cash organised for first week (approx. A$1,000)

What to bring with you (Suggestions only)

  • Clothing and personal items – bring only basics for cold and hot weather and one formal outfit, but do not exceed your baggage allowance (usually 20 – 22 kg) – additional items can be purchased locally
  • Only essential toiletries, creams, etc. – these can be purchased locally.  Remember to pack these, and any sharp objects such as scissors, tweezers, etc., in your suitcase as they cannot be carried in hand luggage.
  • Photos and reminders of family and home
  • Minimal number of personal books – dictionary, texts, readers, etc.
  • Laptop with wireless reception to Internet (optional)
  • Camera and some music or films (DVDs) from home (optional)

Note: Please check Australian Customs and Immigration rules regarding what may NOT be brought into Australia – there are serious consequences for breaking these rules.