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Murdoch University has a mission to prepare you for life beyond graduation. Their approach combines cutting-edge theory together with real-world experiences and a strong focus on student support. Unlike other institutions, at Murdoch University you couple your study with work in your field to ensure you’re ready for a successful career.

Come and be a part of Murdoch University’s vibrant community!

Murdoch University are passionate about what they do and are there to help you get the skills, knowledge and life experience you need to achieve your goals. As one of Australia’s leading research institutions, they’re known for innovation and critical thinking. No matter where your interests lie, Murdoch University will help you become the best you can be.

World Class Facilities

A Murdoch education means that you will have access to a range of real-world facilities. These state-of-the-art facilities include an operating veterinary clinic, nationally renowned engineering pilot plant, fully equipped TV and radio studios, practising chiropractic clinic, sports science performance labs and our world-class law moot court. You’ll also have 24 hour access to computer labs and our Library Learning Common.

Industry Relevant

Experience can be just as important as study when it comes to building your career.

Murdoch University works closely with industry, the community and government to provide you with opportunities to apply your theory in a practical environment. Through work-integrated learning, practicum placements, hands-on projects and internship experiences, you’ll learn so much more about your industry.

Programs offered

Globally Recognised

To work in a globalised world, you need an internationally focused education.

Murdoch University is ranked 68 in the Times Higher Education Top Young Universities in the world. With more than 23,000 students from 120 different countries, the Perth Campus is home to a diverse staff and student community. Plus, the Singapore and Dubai campuses offer exciting opportunities for exchange and international collaboration.

Flexibility and Choice

Murdoch University takes a proactive approach to make sure that you’ve got opportunities when you graduate.

The Careers and Employment Centre can help with your CV, work experience placements and interview coaching. Or, take advantage of their mentoring programs, extensive resource library and online job register. With Murdoch University’s help, you’ll be employed in no time.

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Leading Academics

Murdoch University teaching staff have won awards, published books and achieved some amazing accomplishments – but most importantly they’re committed to helping you learn.

More than 73 per cent of Murdoch staff hold a doctorate degree, so you can be supported by top academics from around the globe. Benefit from their experience, knowledge and networks of contacts to help you launch your career.

Preparation Oriented Learning

At MIT, we take a complete approach to university preparation. We don’t just consider what you’re learning, we also shape how you’re learning.

You will experience a university-style course structure of lectures, tutorials and seminars. Just like university students, you’ll be assessed through exams, course work, assignments and group tasks. At university, you will be expected to be proactive and independent in your study. At MIT, we recognise that’s a skill set you learn and we teach you how to do it.

Wide Range of Courses

Murdoch University has broad range of courses on offer with flexible options to suit your life.

Choose from undergraduate majors in arts, business, communication, creative media, criminology, education, engineering, laws, nursing, science and sport and exercise science. Their flexible course structure gives you the opportunity to combine different majors for a unique degree. Maximise your qualifications and graduate with a competitive advantage.

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World-Class Research

With 87% of research being assessed as world standard and higher, Murdoch University is one of the leading research universities in Australia.

As a member of the Innovative Research Universities group, they collaborate with a number of distinguished Australian universities to conduct research of national and international standing.

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