Important Dates

Important Dates to Remember

The calendars here show some of the most important dates in our academic year. You can also find information on dates on our events page or see here for information and dates of our three intakes per year.


Course Dates Overview


CourseTeaching PeriodOrientationStart DateEnd DateCensus Dates
General English--Every 5 weeks starting 8-Jan-18-
English for Academic Purposes 1--19-Mar-1825-May-18-
English for Academic Purposes 1--23-Jul-1828-Sep-18-
English for Academic Purposes 1--19-Nov-181-Feb-19-
English for Academic Purposes 2--23-Apr-1829-Jun-18-
English for Academic Purposes 2--19-Nov-181-Feb-19-
Murdoch University Preparation CourseTrimester 119-Feb-1819-Feb-181-Jun-18-
Murdoch University Preparation CourseTrimester 218-Jun-1818-Jun-1828-Sep-18-
Murdoch University Preparation CourseTrimester 315-Oct-1815-Oct-1801-Feb-19-
DiplomaTrimester 119-Feb-1819-Feb-181-Jun-1812-Mar-18
DiplomaTrimester 218-Jun-1818-Jun-1828-Sep-1806-Jul-18
DiplomaTrimester 315-Oct-1815-Oct-1801-Feb-1905-Nov-18

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