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6 Places to Visit in Perth: Get to Know Your New City

If you’ve just arrived in Perth, welcome to Australia’s sunniest city! There’s no shortage of things to do and places to visit in Perth. It’s easy to get around, multicultural, affordable, vibrant, and best of all, you can enjoy some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches on your days off.

Going to visit the city’s landmarks is a great way to quickly get a sense of place in your new home. From Perth’s incredible beaches to its beautiful colonial architecture, you won’t be disappointed!

As a new international student, here are the top places to visit in Perth and tick off your checklist:


1. Picnic in Kings Park and Botanic Gardens


Kings Park and the Western Australian Botanic Gardens make up one of the world’s largest and most beautiful inner-city parks. Two-thirds of this incredible 400-hectare green space is taken up with protected native bush and is a haven for native birds.


Enjoy beautiful views of the city and harbour as you walk up Mount Eliza, go for a walk among the trees or enjoy a picnic on the lawns with your new friends from MIT or university. Or, if you want to learn about the indigenous history of the area, you could take the Boodja Gnarning Walk. This signposted trail through the park shows you the indigenous history of the area, teaches you about indigenous plant uses, and features local art.


places to visit in Perth



2. Walk along the Swan River


The Swan River runs through Perth city to the coast. There is a delightful 10km loop along the river that wanders through parks and across the bridge over Heirisson Island. Be sure to see the Swan Bell Tower along the way. This unique, contemporary bell tower features the second largest set of ‘change ringing’ bells in the world. Standing under the tower when the bells ring is quite an experience!


3. Browse Perth Library and History Centre


As a student, Perth Library could well become your second home. This seven-story building next to Perth Town Hall has been architecturally designed to give a sense of light and space. Doubling as a history and community centre, the library hosts a range of events and workshops throughout the year. Get your library card as soon as you arrive in Perth, and you can access their enormous collection of books, film, music and magazines, for free.


places to visit in Perth



4. Go surfing at Scarborough Beach


Your Aussie experience will never be complete until you try surfing! Scarborough Beach is Perth’s favourite surf beach, but it’s also great for swimming, too. With white sand stretching along a clear blue coast, it’s a beautiful sight that anyone can enjoy! Why not sign up for some learn to surf classes, while you’re there?


If you’re new to Perth, take care of your beach safety. Always swim between the flags, watch for ocean currents, swim with friends, and protect yourself against the sun.




5. Take a day trip to Fremantle


Fremantle is a historic port town just outside of Perth’s centre. Over the last few years, it’s become a hub for arts, history and culture. A day trip to Fremantle is essential on your list of places to visit in Perth! You can go on a spooky tour of the Fremantle Prison, see the oldest standing building in Western Australia (the Roundhouse), view an exhibition at the Fremantle Arts Centre, enjoy a coffee at one of the many cafes and restaurants along Cappuccino Strip or find a bargain at one of the 150 stalls of the Fremantle Markets.

places to visit in Perth



6. Enjoy a weekend at Rottnest Island


It’s truly remarkable that a modern city like Perth can have an island paradise on its doorstep, but that’s exactly what Rottnest Island is! Just a short boat ride away from Perth, you can go there to camp, stay in a hotel or just visit for the day.


The island is home to some incredible beaches, native wildlife and protected bushland. You can spend your time lazing on the beach, snorkelling, fishing, walking, or cycling around the island. Go and visit the fitness retreat, have dinner at a seafood restaurant or even splash around at the ‘Just for Fun Aqua Park!’ There’s so much to do, you should probably give this island experience a whole weekend.

 places to visit in Perth




See here for more information about studying at the Murdoch Institute of Technology, Perth.


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