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Study English in Australia: what to expect and how to prepare for a degree

Do you need to study English in Australia, so you can go on to the degree of your dreams at an Aussie university?

There are lots of English courses on offer in this country, across many different types of schools. If you’re not sure where to go or what you can expect when you arrive, you need to read on.

This simple 4 step MIT guide will help you choose the right English course for your degree pathway.



1. Choose an English course that will help you achieve your study goals

In Australia, you can choose to do an English course at many different places, from TAFE to private colleges. How do you know which course will give you the best chance of getting into the degree that you want?

By choosing a packaged course that leads to a university degree, you can:


  • Plan out a whole pathway to your degree and be sure that your university will accept your English course.
  • Have help from the same staff during the whole process.
  • Stay in the same city/campus when you start your degree, so you can go on the whole journey with your classmates!


At MIT, we offer three different English language options: General English, and English for Academic Purposes (1 or 2).

You can pick one course, or a combination, that will improve your English to where it needs to be for university-level study. If you meet the requirements, completing English for Academic Purposes 2 can lead you straight into your chosen degree at Murdoch University.

Because MIT developed these English courses with approval from Murdoch University, you can be sure you’re going to learn the correct course content for your university pathway.


2. Pick the right course for your level of English.

Before you can enrol in any English course, you need to know what level you’re at!

If you want to check, try this quick online test. It will give you a general understanding of your English level, but remember: it’s not an official test, and can’t be used for any kind of application.

At MIT, there are 3 different English programs on offer:

General English is for those who have a beginner’s level of English. The levels within this course run from 5 to 10 weeks, and the length of your course will depend on your level of English. If you successfully complete it, you can progress into English for Academic Purposes.





English for Academic Purposes 1 is suitable for those with a more advanced level of English, who wish to continue on to a Murdoch University Preparation Course, or a diploma, before graduating into your degree of choice.


English for Academic Purposes 2 is for students with the most advanced level of English. From here, you will gain direct entry into the first year of your chosen course at Murdoch University, whether it be an undergraduate, master’s degree or PhD.


3. Expect a different type of learning from your home country.

There are likely going to be a few important differences between teaching styles in your home country and in Australia that you need to know about.

A couple of tips:


  • Learning in Australia is much more independent than what you may be used to when it comes to completing your work.
  • Learners are encouraged to take part in discussions and group exercises.
  • Teachers have informal relationships with students and it’s totally fine to ask them if you need help with an assignment.
  • The approach to learning English will be flexible. At MIT for example, you’ll be taken on class excursions to practise speaking while exploring the city.



4. Make use of all the help and resources on offer.

Wherever you study, make sure you are prepared by taking the time to find out what opportunities and services are available to help you.

At MIT, there are lots of resources on campus to help you with your English studies. These include personal learning time, lunchtime workshops, the Language and Cultural Exchange program and much more. Plus, there are support services available if you need help settling in or with your studies.


Contact student services for any more information, or see here for more information on the courses on offer at MIT.


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