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The Best Food For Students When You’re Missing Home

Although trying new, delicious cuisines is all part of the study abroad experience, sometimes the best food for students is the type that gives you a little taste of home.


At Murdoch Institute of Technology, we have students who come from all over the world to pursue their dreams in sunny Perth.

One of the best ways to overcome moments of homesickness is to find a restaurant serving some of your favourite dishes from back home.

Because Perth is such a multicultural city, you can find dishes from your country, no matter where you’re from! If you need a little taste of something familiar, you’re sure to find it.


Here’s our pick of some of the best international dining options on campus, and around the city. It’s time to go and find some comfort food!


Red Chilli Sichuan

If you’re from Western China, you’ll be pleased to know that the distinct flavours of Sichuan cuisine have arrived in Perth! Red Chilli in Northbridge is one of the best places to sample some classic dishes like tooth fish with kungpao sauce and kou shui ji.


Best food for students

Mao Xue Wang


Lin’s Cuisine

Another Sichuan classic, Lin’s Cuisine specialises in spicy, Chongqing-style xiang guos (fragrant hot pots).


Spencer Village Food Court

The Perth equivalent of Singapore’s ‘Maxwell Food Centre’, Spencer Village has a range of delicious, authentic, regional food stalls to choose from. If you’re looking for Malaysian food straight off the streets of Kuala Lumpur, try Penang Cuisine, Straights Cuisine and Izyan Malaysian Cuisine.


Mr Bun

If you want to find the familiar taste of Northern China, Mr Bun offers some tempting options. Try a bowl of the popular, handmade kudaimian, ‘belt noodles’ or a helping of their delicious pickled fish.


Masala Restaurant

If you’re missing some of the recipes your grandma used to make in Northern India, head to Masala for a little comfort eating. The head chefs have come from Mumbai and New Delhi, bringing their food secrets across the world and onto your table.


8 on the Point

For those looking for Eastern Chinese dishes or a special occasion group Yum Cha, 8 on the Point offers a slightly more fancy, fine dining experience. The xiao long bao (Shanghai-style soup dumplings) are a must-try.


Hong Kong BBQ

For some serious barbecued meats, Hong Kong style, head to Hong Kong BBQ in Northbridge. Their Peking duck and BBQ pork will satisfy even the biggest appetite.


Little China Town

Like many major cities around the world where Chinese migrants have settled long ago, Perth has its own Little China Town. If you’re feeling nostalgic for a late-night bubble tea or the smell of frying street food, go and take a walk down Roe Street. You’ll find many different Asian countries represented in an array of speciality grocery stores, bakeries, butchers and restaurants.

Best food for students

Chinatown, Perth


Murdoch University on-campus options


Student Hub 

The student hub is a community space, open on campus from Monday to Friday.


Chatime is brewing up a storm at Murdoch University, offering milky, fruity and frozen iced tea and even hot tea.


Best food for students



Chinese Canton is one of the largest, locally established Asian food chains in Perth. Chinese Canton doesn’t just stop at Chinese food, expanding their horizons to the cultures and flavours of other Asian cultures.


A number of cafes and restaurants are already open in the Ref, at the heart of the student hub, with more to come soon. In the meantime, the Pop-up Ref remains open just down the stairs next to Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre, offering a range of street food and drinks.


Bombay Nights Food Truck

As of this year, the Bombay Nights Food Truck will be serving some delicious Indian street food, near the Bush Courts. The tandoori fish and butter chicken are popular dishes, all made with fresh, local ingredients.

Best food for students

Bombay Knights Food Truck


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