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Your Complimentary Guide to the Murdoch University Student Guild

For those of you who are new to Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT), you may not know that you become affiliate members of the Murdoch University Student Guild.

If you’re new to MIT, you might also be wondering, ‘what is the Murdoch University Student Guild and what will I get out of it?’ For those of you who have just arrived this trimester (or if you just haven’t come across the Guild yet) here’s your complimentary Guild guide!

Read on for the latest in events and info on all the perks you receive with your Guild membership.

But first, what is the Student Guild?

The Guild was established in 1976 by students, for students. It’s an organisation that’s run by a democratically elected student council independent from Murdoch University.

The Guild runs important services and events for students, and advocates on behalf of students, too. It also supports over 100 different clubs and societies and even has it’s own newspaper! So basically it’s a really great thing to be a part of. Click here for more on the history!

Events to take part in

Every year, the Guild hosts a range of amazing events where you can hang out and celebrate your hard work. For regular updates on Guild events, make sure you follow them on Facebook.

Winter Festival

Winter Festival is coming up on the 2nd of August. Everyone in the whole student community (including 5,000 new first year students) goes to the Winter Festival, making it the biggest event of the year. There will be live music, market stalls, food, prizes and lots of happy students. You don’t want to miss it!

The Guild Ball

The Guild Ball is another highlight of student life. Held later in the year, this is your chance to get dressed up and have a classy night out with your best friends.

Stamp Out Stress Day

Stamp Out Stress Day is held every trimester just before exams at Bush Court. Come and ease your study stress with relaxing activities and workshops on how to handle exam pressure.


MarketDaze, which is a regular hub of student life every Thursday. Come down and browse the stalls or nibble on some delicious treats.

The Perks

As a Guild member, you receive a lot of fantastic benefits. The Guild has you covered from cheap coffee to assistance finding work.

Education and welfare support

If you’re having personal issues or struggling with work, the lovely staff at Student Assist are here to listen and find solutions. Get in touch with them if you have any concerns regarding an academic appeal, legal referrals, tax help, tutoring or support with Centrelink.

Job Training

You can access job training at a discount. The Guild offers a range of different courses to help prepare you for work, including how to become a barista, administering first aid and learning responsible service of alcohol training. Courses are discounted for Guild members.

Clubs and Societies

With more than 100 clubs and societies on offer through the Guild, you can find a new group of friends and start that hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

Cheap Coffee and Venue Hire

All guild members get a discounted price on coffee at the Café Kadjinini and all other Guild run outlets. You’ll also enjoy a 10% discount on venue hire at The Tavern.

Cheap Textbooks

Get cheap textbooks through the Guild Book Subsidy Scheme. This scheme is designed to help students who are on a lower income, awarding 5 MIT students with a $100 bursary. Students must apply to be considered for a scheme.

For more information on the full range of services the Guild offers, visit their website.


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