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Meet Amy Cleasby: The new Student Services Manager at MIT

At Murdoch Institute of Technology, we love introducing our staff to the world. This week, we’re introducing Amy Cleasby, our new Student Services Manager. Originally from Western Australia, she’s lived in exotic places all over the world before coming back to her roots and eventually finding a place in the MIT community. Welcome to MIT, Amy. We’re so happy to have you on board!


How did you end up in your new position and what do you love the most about it?

I put my university Drama studies on hold at age 19 and spent seven years backpacking around the world. I lived for lengths of time in London, Manchester, Taiwan and San Francisco. I returned to Perth in 1997 and went back to university as a mature age student to qualify as a Youth Worker, with a Post Graduate Certificate in Career Counselling.

I spent 18 years working for the local government and Curtin University before landing my dream job at MIT. I love the fact that everyone here cares about the students, the quality of their education and their student experiences.


Who’s your go-to person when you need help or support?

My husband – he is always so cheerful!  


What services do students most commonly need help with that you and the MIT team provide?

As the Manager of Student Services, my team provides the administrative and personal support that enables students to attend to their studies. The students we see most commonly need help with staying on track with classwork and assessments: illness, personal issues, financial constraints, cultural differences and family expectations all put pressure on students. We aim to smooth the pathway for them so they can do their best in a safe and supportive environment.  


What is your favourite TV series and snack to go with it?

I’m binge-watching Arrested Development at the moment (so old school) and binge eating mint Aero chocolate. I’m a big fan of the Black Books series too (also with chocolate).


Tell me a little about the rest of the team you work with. 

They are all a bit mad! Monica is our student records watchdog, and we set her on students who have outstanding payments or paperwork. Carey John looks after our complex timetabling and course progression system ensuring students are in the right classes to succeed; gracious Gill Tan who works hard processing student enrolments and attendance, monitoring their progress to ensure they remain on track; Belinda is our friendly and reliable Receptionist   (and I would like her to organize my life for me please) and Richard, our student support officer who takes great care with under 18-year-olds, the student council, orientations, accommodation visits, student counselling  and fetches the pizza for student events. My colleagues include the lovely Shirley Goh in Recruitment, Paul Aucoin from ELICOS and the clever Jill Kadota, our Academic Manager. Plus, a big shout out to our College Director Kelly Pattison, who is as helpful as she is she is wise.


What are your favourite things to do when you need a little self-care in Perth?

Chinese style back and neck massages; how can something hurt so much and feel so good at the same time?! Plus, my family are big on kayaking, so spending time on the Swan River paddling about is a must most weekends. 


Do you have any advice or anything else to say to students?

Stick with it! Success is achieved by persistence. It’s not how smart you are; it’s how willing you are to keep trying.


Thanks for sharing with us Amy! You can find Amy in the Student Services office, or contact the Student Services team at for any enquiries.



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