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Having a hard time with your studies? How to get help at MIT

Student life is wonderful and exciting, but it can also be hard. Every semester brings a different set of deadlines and assessments. You’re learning something new every day. If you’re an international student, you’re trying to study in a second language, too. Sometimes you miss classes and fall behind. That’s an entirely normal part of every students’ education, and it’s why we’ve created a range of options for your learning support.

At Murdoch Institute of Technology, we understand that with all your demands you can sometimes struggle with your work. Everyone learns differently, and everyone needs a bit of assistance from time to time. We want you to come to us for help if you ever have a problem. It’s essential to all of our staff that students are doing OK. We’re here to support you in getting on top of your studies, so please check out this list of options on how to get help.



Teacher Consultations

Every teacher at Murdoch Institute has office hours set aside each week for private consultation with students, which is an excellent opportunity to get some one-on-one time with the person best qualified to answer any questions about a particular subject; the teacher! It’s also great to take advantage of this even if you’re doing OK with your learning. You can get more clarification on subject matters or feedback for work you’ve done. Our staff find that the most successful students are the ones who use this consultation time regularly. You can find your teacher’s consultation schedule in your unit outline and on display in the classroom.


Lunchtime Workshops

Did you know there are free lunchtime workshops in the Student Learning Centre every day? The workshops cover a range of topics such as academic reading and writing, study skills, maths and IT. You can find the timetable for the workshops on Moodle or just pop by and ask what’s coming up. The Student Learning Centre is located in the MIT Building.


See Your Student Support Officer

Maybe you’re having issues that go beyond getting on top of a particular subject. You might have some problems trying to develop study skills. Perhaps you’ve got something going on with your finances or in your personal life, or you’re just not coping emotionally. Richard Jones is your Student Support Officer, and he will do everything he can to help. He will listen to your problems and put in you in touch with any services you might need. You can make an appointment with him via phone or email, at +618 9360 1723 or


Student Resources on Moodle

You can access a broad range of support services and resources via your student Moodle account. Just log in and click on the student support section to browse the helpful content on offer.


At Murdoch Institute, all of us on the staff urge you not to hold back your worries or to try and cope on your own if you’re struggling. Our job is to get you through your course as happy and prosperous as you can be. Please ask for help if you need it, then we can work through your problems together.


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