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Moving to Perth for study? Here are the 8 essential items you’ll need to pack.

You’ve found your dream course, been accepted, and you’re about to make the move to Perth. How exciting! But when you don’t know the city, how do you know what to take with you?

When you’re going somewhere new, you always bring something you don’t need and forget something that you do. Now you can avoid that mix-up, with this helpful MIT guide.

Here’s our essential list of everything you’ll need to pack to make your move to Perth as hassle-free as possible.


1. Visa, passport and paperwork

You may think a passport is impossible to forget, but sometimes the most important things are the ones we leave behind! As well as your passport (with student visa inside), don’t forget:

  • confirmation of enrolment form
  • identification such as a birth certificate
  • certified copies of any qualifications
  • address and phone number of your new residence

2. Chargers, adapters and electronics

Although you can get adapters and chargers in Australia, it’s great to have everything you need for your devices already with you when you arrive. You can often pick up adapters at the airport. Electronics aren’t cheap in Australia – so you’ll save money by buying spare chargers and adaptors before you arrive.

3. Pocket money

The amount of money you bring with you is a personal decision however you should not carry a very large amount of cash with you. Make sure you have enough to just cover the essentials: bond/rent and moving expenses for your accommodation on arrival, meals, transport costs and anything you may need to purchase in the first couple of days before you organise your bank account. Check for more useful information.

4. Gifts for your new housemates and friends

You’re going to be meeting a lot of new people and some of them will become very special to you. It’s nice to have small gifts from your country to give to host families, housemates or your new friends. Pick something small that represents your culture!

5. Swimming costume and sun protection

Did you know that Perth enjoys 147 sunny days and 121 partly sunny days annually? That’s almost an entire year, under the sun! From Scarborough to Trigg Beach, you can spend your sunny days doing everything from surfing to having barbecues with mates.

But remember, the sun in Australia is really strong and the currents in the ocean can be very dangerous. It’s really important that you educate yourself on how to stay beach safe. As well as a swimming costume, you’ll need a light shirt, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

6. Spare glasses

If you wear prescription glasses, be warned! Replacement glasses here can be expensive, and you can’t buy contact lenses over the counter. It’s easy to lose your glasses when you’re at the beach (which you will be all the time in Perth!), so make sure you’ve got a spare pair with you.

7. Appropriate clothing

The spectacular nature on offer in Australia is one of the best things about this beautiful country. Perth has an abundance of incredible hiking trails and recreational cycle routes. Don’t forget to bring a good all-weather jacket, backpack and broad-brimmed hat, so you can enjoy the outdoors.

As well as being a great city for nature and beaches, Perth has a vibrant nightlife, so make sure you pack a couple of party outfits. When it’s sunny and warm all year round, you’re going to want to sample some cocktails! Try out some of Perth’s small bars, or head to The Bird or Jack Rabbit Slims to see some bands on the weekend.

8. A map of Western Australia

Moving to a new city in a different country means you’ll want to make the most of exploring Perth and its surrounds. From the Pinnacles Desert to Rottnest Island, there are some amazing spots to visit.

The best way to discover Western Australia is through local knowledge. Bring your paper map with you when you’re out, and ask locals to write their ‘secret’ holiday spots on it. You’ll find all the best places, and it’s a great way to meet people.


Looking for more advice on how to best plan your departure and arrival? Click here to view MIT’s helpful information on living in Perth including the cost of living, getting around and health and safety. 


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