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The 10 Best Jobs for Uni Students

Finding the perfect job as a uni student can be tricky; the role needs to meet your financial needs while still giving you the flexibility to study. Ideally, it will also teach you a few industry-relevant and soft skills along the way!

At the Murdoch Institute of Technology, our Student Support Officers are always on hand to make sure you settle into student life in Perth. This includes help and professional advice with a key concern students have when they first move to Australia: how and where to find part-time work?

If you’re not sure where to start your search, here are our top 10 suggestions on the best jobs for uni students:

1. Casual work at a café or restaurant

Most university students get by during their degree with a few casual shifts a week at a local café or restaurant. This kind of casual work is flexible, has a decent minimum wage, and does not require prior experience. You’ll be trained on the job, and employers generally know that you’re juggling study, so will allow for time-off during exams. Plus, you’ll tend to work weekends!

But, make sure you keep a few things in mind when you’re looking for these kinds of jobs:

  • Try to avoid bar work, unless you’re doing daytime or early evening shifts. Working late into the night at a bar can disrupt your sleeping patterns and interrupt your study schedule.
  • Get yourself trained up as a barista if you can. Professional baristas make better wages than casual café staff. 

Check out some of the casual positions currently on offer in Perth here.

best jobs for uni students

2. Tutoring

Tutoring has always been a favourite when it comes to student jobs, and for good reason. It’s flexible, pays well, and allows you to revise your own course content while earning money! You can choose between tutoring in-person, and tutoring students online.

Tutoring in-person can be found in several different ways. You can apply to work for tutoring agencies in your area, by looking at your local job seeking website, or doing a search for tutoring companies online. For example, AceTutoring is just one of many tutoring companies in Perth you could apply to for work.

Or, if you want to tutor in person as a freelancer, you can advertise tutoring services on your own. You could start by putting a post on Gumtree, or posting some flyers up near local schools.

Online tutoring opportunities can be found with some simple Googling for ‘tutoring online,’ perhaps with a few subjects thrown into your search terms, depending on your study area. Some of the main sites include TutorMe, Skooli, and

3. Digital freelancing work

If you have any digital skills such as editing, copywriting, social media marketing, voice-overs, sound/video editing, or graphic design, you might consider signing up to some digital freelancing websites for commission-based work. The best thing about this work is that it’s actually allowing you to develop a skill set that you could use for your career while earning money.

There are quite a few platforms online which connect you with clients for digital freelance work. Fiverr and Upwork are two of the most popular, but there are a lot more out there.  

best jobs for uni students

4. Holiday season retail work

Another great strategy to earn cash as a student without sacrificing study time is this: work hard during holidays, and don’t work during the semester. One of the ways you can do this is by applying for holiday season retail work.

Christmas and summer holiday seasons are the busiest times of the year for retail stores, no matter what they’re selling. They will often advertise for ‘Christmas casuals’ or 3-month contracts for full-time holiday positions, to make sure they’ve got enough staff on to manage these busy periods.

These positions are perfect for students. You can save up your money over summer, and keep up a careful budget during the semester, to make your savings last. Plus, you usually get a staff discount on whatever your store sells!

Check out some Christmas vacation jobs in Perth online here.

5. Freelance domestic help apps

Did you know that you could get some extra spending money without having a regular job? With all the new freelance domestic help apps on the market now, you can complete one-off tasks for clients using nothing more than your phone. With apps like Airtasker, you can sign up and get work instantly in your neighbourhood.

Whether it’s cleaning someone’s house or helping to move furniture, these jobs are paid fairly, and you can do as much or as little as you want, so it works well with a study schedule.

best jobs for uni students

6. Nannying, babysitting and after-school care

If you like kids, this might be the kind of part-time student work for you. It’s flexible, easy to find, well paid, and you can decide how many hours you can commit. Check out local agency sites online, such as this one based in Perth, or post your own ads for your services on Gumtree or another local classified.

7. Become a digital reviewer

There are a lot of opportunities to sell your consumer opinions these days, without even having to leave your house. Get paid to fill out surveys or review products or services online, by joining up with online companies such as SurveyJunkie or OneOpinion. You can do it on your own schedule and it doesn’t have to interfere with your studies.

8. Dog walking and pet sitting

If you like dogs and you want to get a job that keeps you healthy, dog walking is always a popular choice for students. You can do it on your own schedule, earn a decent wage, and it can work around your class timetable. You can find dog-walking jobs on Airtasker and other online platforms, or advertise your services yourself on Gumtree. Check out pet sitting opportunities in Perth on

9. Casual administration work in your field

We’ve already discussed the benefits of casual work (as opposed to part-time work) for students. But here’s another idea: why not get a casual administration role in a business or organisation that’s a little closer to your field?

A café or restaurant can offer the advantage of weekend work. But, if you can manage to juggle casual work on weekdays with your uni schedule, then it may be worth it.

If you’re studying medicine, why not work on the desk at a clinic and get an insight into how it runs? Or, if you’re studying business, perhaps you could get a casual office support role at a big international company? You might gain some invaluable industry contacts while learning new skills!

Check out some casual administration roles in Perth here, to get a sense of what’s out there.

best jobs for uni students

10. Get an internship that will lead to industry work

Of course, the end game is to get an actual job by the time you finish your degree. Ideally, you’d be able to pick up an internship or work placement in your industry by the final year of your course. Make sure that when you choose your university, they offer a work placement service. Ask your student support staff if you’re not sure.

See here if you’d like to find out more about how to start your journey to Murdoch University at the Murdoch Institute of Technology.


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