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Introducing Murdoch University’s School of Business and Governance: Why you should study there

Many students who come to us at Murdoch Institute of Technology will go on to study some form of Business at Murdoch University. Those that do will end up in the Murdoch University School of Business and Governance. Are you eager to find out all there is to know about our exclusive School?

With all the schools, colleges, institutes and universities around, it can sometimes be a little mystifying trying to figure out exactly what kind of institution you’re heading into. To clear that up, today on the MIT blog, we’re introducing the Murdoch School of Business and Governance and giving you a little overview of what this School is all about.


First up, how did our Business School arise?

The Murdoch University School of Business and Governance is an independent unit nestled within our broader university, defined by a faculty and its mission, culture and physical location.

When our students say they’re going on to study Business at Murdoch University, the School of Business and Governance is where they’ll do their degree.


What can I study here?

If you want to study Business, you can apply for some different types of undergraduate courses and specialise in a range of disciplines including Accounting, Banking, Business Law, Economics, Management, International Business and Marketing.

Postgraduate qualifications are available in the fields of Business Administration, Professional Accounting, Human Resource Management and International Marketing. Postgraduate courses are offered with flexible options, for those of you who are in the workforce. There are also some short courses on offer in Leadership and Administration. Check them out if you’re after upskilling.


‘Who’ is the School?

The School of Business and Governance is made up of more than 70 dedicated staff, from a range of different backgrounds, both academic and corporate. Professor Grant O’Neil is the School’s Dean. He recently moved over to Murdoch from Curtin University, and he’s on a mission to make graduates job-ready and push for greater industry engagement.

In an interview about his new position, Professor O’Neil was recently quoted saying; “Thanks to Murdoch’s international footprint and disciplinary breadth, our School is internationally-recognised for industry relevant courses and graduates with a deep understanding of Business and Governance around the world.”


What are our School’s special perks?

Top-performing students have the opportunity to apply for our School’s unique MasterClass program, which allows you to complete a postgraduate qualification while still completing your undergraduate study.

There are also several important faculty schools within the School of Business and Governance, where students have the opportunity to develop specialised knowledge. One of these is the University’s flagship Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs. Then, there’s the well-established Asia Research Centre and The Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability.


What kind of placements and internships does our School offer?

The School of Business connects students to employers through its work integrated learning program. This program allows you to complete internships as part of your course, depending on what you’re studying and whether you qualify. The School has a lot of fantastic industry connections you can take advantage of, so definitely check this service out before you arrive.


What else is happening at the School?

Almost every month, there’s a conference, workshop series or set of talk events going on at our School. Professionals from all over Australia and around the world come to the School of Business and Governance to participate, so make sure you check out what’s happening. You could get a front row seat to workshops on anything from leadership strategies to behavioural economics!


Where can I find out more information?

Our School has a lovely team of staff who are happy to help you with any questions. Contact them here for more information about courses, or for any other questions.






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