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7 reasons to study in Perth that might surprise you

Perth is famous for its sunny weather and beaches, but did you know it’s also a blossoming economic hub and home to some of Australia’s best universities?

If you’re considering moving to the ‘best-kept secret’ of Australian capital cities, here are a few reasons to study in Perth that might surprise you.


1. Study at Australia’s top universities for graduate success

Choosing to study is a big decision. You’re investing a lot of time and money in a degree, and naturally, you want to know that you’ll graduate with work-ready skills, ready to launch your career. That means choosing an institution that’s committed to student employability, as well as academic outcomes.

When it comes to student success after graduation, Perth is topping the country. In the 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey, Murdoch University was ranked the number one university in the country for graduate employability! Overall, 96.7% of Murdoch University undergraduates secured employment after three years.

2. Live in a city with a growing economy

Last year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) measured jobs growth across the nation from March-December, and found that Western Australia had added another 24,000 full time jobs to the economy in just that period. That’s a faster rate of full-time jobs growth than any other state in the country.


A 2018 Survey by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry identified five key industries that are driving growth and adding jobs to Western Australia’s economy:

  • Mining
  • Services catering to mining
  • Education and training
  • Real estate and construction
  • Agriculture, fishing and forestry


These industries will require thousands of additional engineers, architects, health professionals, educators, legal professionals, veterinarians, biologists, project managers and other highly trained professionals, over the next several years. 


Plus, because of Perth’s high-tech infrastructure, proximity to Asia, and world-class institutions teaching science and technology development, there’s now a blossoming start-up economy. This brings with it a fast growing demand for IT and technology professionals.


At present, there are now more start-up businesses in WA than ever before, and the government is stepping in to provide support. Startup WA is just one new institution helping innovators to find funding and develop their business projects.


3. Cheaper living than other major Australian cities

As a student, you’re naturally going to be looking at affordability when you choose a place to study.


Of all the capital cities in Australia, Perth comes in at number 5 in terms of the cost of living (rent included). Sydney is the most expensive, followed by Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Real household spending has climbed over the last decade across the country, but Perth remains affordable in terms of rent and other household goods. While it increased by 14% in NSW between 2009-10 and 2015-16, it only rose by 4% in WA over the same period.


4. A vibrant, multicultural student capital

If you’re from another country and wondering whether you’ll be able to find a home away from home in Perth, you’re in for a happy surprise.


Perth is an incredibly vibrant, multicultural city, home to immigrant and student groups from all around Asia and the world. In some suburbs, migrant groups make up as much as 60% of the population.


If you just enjoy meeting other cultures or you’re homesick for some home cooked food like your grandma used to make, you’ll find what you need in Perth. Murdoch University and the Murdoch Institute of Technology have a hugely international student population, and often run multicultural celebrations. Plus, Perth is home to food festivals and restaurants from around the globe. Whether you’re from India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Italy, Japan, or another country, there are plenty of comfort food options.

reasons to study in Perth

5. Enjoy an outdoor lifestyle

Keeping healthy and happy is super important if you want to do well in your studies, and what better way to do both than to live your life outside, in nature?

You may have known that it’s fairly sunny in Perth, but did you know that Perth enjoys up to 147 sunny days (and 121 partly sunny days) every year!

Of course, there are all the incredible beaches for swimming, barbecues and surfing before class (imagine that!). But did you know that Perth is also a cycling-friendly city? With its flat terrain, good weather and many, picturesque cycle paths, Perth is a great place to get around on a bike.

Here are just a few more ways you can enjoy a life lived outdoors in Perth:

  • Take a day to cycle along Perth’s Northern Beaches, taking the Marmion to Burns Beach cycle path.
  • Go snorkelling on the reef at the incredible Mettam’s Pool.
  • Go see a film at one of the many outdoor cinemas around town.
  • Spend a day cycling around the beautiful Perth Hills, visit some waterfalls, and stop at a winery, all along the 41km Railway Reserves Heritage Trail.
  • Rent a surfboard at Scarborough Beach and take some surfing lessons.
  • Grab some food or do a little arts and crafts, browsing at the South Beach Sunset Markets at Scarborough.
reasons to study in Perth

6. Learn About Indigenous Culture

Perth has a long and rich cultural history before colonisation, with many Indigenous people living for more than 50,000 years all along the Swan River and surrounding areas. The best-known (but not all correct) names of the original inhabitants are the Nyoongar, Nyungar, Noongar, Wajuk and Wudjari peoples.

If you’re coming to Australia to study, Perth offers you lots of amazing opportunities to learn about the world’s oldest living cultures. What better way to get to know your new home, than to be told stories about the land and its people, as you walk through ancient cultural sites on a guided tour by a localhost?

7. Experience rare encounters in the wild

Perth is the capital of Australia’s wildest state. With a population of just 2.589 million, the state covers a land area of 2.646 million km². That’s bigger than Germany, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy combined! With so few people in such an enormous state, there is a lot of space for wildlife to thrive undisturbed, in the water and on land.

Right in Perth, you’ll see Western Grey Kangaroos grazing at a few locations, including Whiteman Park. Plus, Swan River is home to…you guessed it, swans! These black swans are native to the area.

Just south of Perth, there is a whole island of some of the world’s smallest penguins. Cute! That’s not all. You can also go swimming with wild dolphins and meet the world’s largest population of native quokkas (a kind of fluffy native possum) on Rottnest Island.

Every year, whales migrate up the coast right past Perth, and you can go to see them on a whale-watching cruise. Visit the Australian Sea Lions that live on Seal Island, which is part of Rockingham’s Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. You can also spot some koalas if you take a visit to Yanchep National Park, just near the city.

If you want to experience all the surprises Perth has to offer, you can learn more about Perth student lifestyle here.


Or see here for more information on Foundation Studies courses on offer at the Murdoch Institute of Technology, your pathway to Murdoch University.


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