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Science under the microscope at Murdoch University

Call us nerds, but at MIT we’re excited that National Science Week has begun! It marks an annual celebration of science and technology – every year thousands of Australians take part in more than 1000 science events across the nation.

It’s an acknowledgement of the contribution of Australian scientists to the world of knowledge and, especially for young people and students, offers an insight into the study of the fascinating world that we live in.

National Science Week at Murdoch University

Murdoch University is proud to be involved in the week’s festivities, running from 11-19 August.

The university is encouraging students to come down to the Murdoch University Tavern this Thursday, 16 August to enjoy an interactive night of science, nibbles and ethanol. You’ll dig for dinosaur bones, eat liquid nitrogen frozen marshmallows, enjoy talks from some prominent scientists and much more!

Click here to register for the free event.

Science events in Perth this week

We really encourage you to make the most of the exciting program of events around Perth – many of which are free! Here are just a few highlights:

  • Ruth Faulkner Public Library: The library will be hosting a series of National Science Week events on the theme of Change Makers. You can register to see a book display on the theme of ‘Climate science and adaptation’ or the ‘The Science of Perth’s Changing Climate’ seminar delivered by a climate expert, in partnership with
  • Coffee with a Twist: On Wednesday 29 August, hear from a leading local changemaker in the field of recycling and waste, Darren Lomman, along with Dave Lindner from Vic Park Collective, as they discuss the most current and pressing sustainability issues facing West Australians.
  • State Library of WA: On Saturday 18 August, you can learn how the anatomy of an insect affects its abilities and relationship to its environment by designing your very own insect at the ‘Build-a-Bug’ workshop.
  • CORE Innovation Hub: with the recent launch of the Australian Space Agency, it couldn’t be a better time to hear about the future of exploration of life in the universe. On Friday, 17 August, you can join NASA for breakfast to learn more about plans for the agency and hear from two NASA scientists as they share their amazing research. Tickets are only $40 – but be quick before they sell out!

To see the full program of events, please visit the National Science Week website:

Do you have a passion for science?

Our science program at MIT has always been one of our strongest and most diverse – a reflection of the changing nature of times and the field of science.

For people with a passion for discovery and problem-solving, we offer students pathways to study a range of degrees at Murdoch University. You can choose from a wide variety of specialities; from molecular biology and mineral science to conservation and wildlife biology, games software design and animal science.

Currently studying at MIT, Jodie Chung Xiao Wei is a budding science student in the field of veterinary science. She was inspired to study a degree that would offer a strong science foundation but also provide real-world experience.

“I’ve decided to study a BA in Veterinary Biology and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine because I’ve been in love with animals ever since I can remember. Seeing the work of veterinarians on television and in real life really inspired me to do the same. In the future, I hope to graduate from Murdoch University and go on to become a successful veterinarian who discovers improved ways to help animals.”

Please click here if you’re interested in more information about the Murdoch University Preparation Courses available at MIT in the field of science.


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