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General Questions

You will receive a stamped application in your Orientation pack

  • Complete all details,
  • then go to the Student Hub,
  • and at the Guild desk, they will issue a new card.

Please register your card here

Benefits of registering

  • Automated credit loads
  • Travel Alerts

Lost or Stolen Cards, transfer credit to your new card

Download and Print a new application from the Moodle Student Support page.

  • Complete all details,
  • ensure the form is stamped at MIT Reception,
  • then go to the Guild Office, Building 490, near the Chiropractic Clinic; they will issue a new card

Please register your card here

Benefits of registering

  • Automated credit loads
  • Travel Alerts

Lost or Stolen Cards, transfer credit to your new card


Please follow this link


Please go to the Student centre on Bush Court, take a ticket for Student ID, see a staff member and provide photographic evidence (passport, licence), MU staff will issue a new card.

MU Map: https://maps.murdoch.edu.au/

Please approach the IT Help Desk on level 1 (foyer) in the MU Library. Please ensure you have details of old username/password and your student card.

MU Map: https://maps.murdoch.edu.au/

Email your teacher and request an appointment, you can also find consultation times on the noticeboard at MIT Reception and in your unit outlines on Moodle.

It is recommended you see your teacher in the first class before you purchase the text. Texts may be available at the MU bookshop, MIT office or online. See you unit outline for more details.

Your Support

MIT has comprehensive support available and we are here to help, for more information on our services please visit: https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/life-at-mit/student-support/


Also check out the Moodle Student Support page

Absolutely, please email MIT’s Student Support Officer Richard Jones to make an appointment: richard.jones@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

Appropriate policy and application can be viewed via: https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/MIT_ReasonableAdjustmentForm_V1_2013.pdf

Attendance is a critical part of your studies at MIT, teachers and support staff would strongly recommend that you attend all of your classes to maximise your learning and studies in Australia.


If you are having issues making it to class, it would be best if you speak to MIT staff to see where problems can be identified and recommendations for change be made.


Please click on this link to make an appointment.

Many students upon arriving in Australia like to transfer their licence from their country of origin to an Australian licence. Other students are of age to sit for a driver’s licence so they have the flexibility of owning and driving a motor vehicle in Australia.

To inquire, apply and/or book for a drivers licence in Western Australia you must contact the Department of Transport WA.

Important information can be found here:



MIT Support Staff would make these essential recommendations:


  • Update your Resume/Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter.
  • Apply for a Tax file number as you will need this is you plan to work in Australia: https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Tax-file-number/Apply-for-a-TFN/
  • Set up a profile via an online job search website – we would recommend Seek.com.au
  • With your updated Resume/Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter approach business’s in your local area and ask if there any vacancies?
  • Attend MIT workshops on ‘How to find Employment in Australia’

It is very important that international students are aware of their working rights here in Australia.

There are also restrictions on the number of hours per week of work you can complete each week.

Please visit this link: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/how-we-will-help/templates-and-guides/fact-sheets/rights-and-obligations/international-students


As part of VISA conditions, International students can only work a maximum of 20 hours per week or 40 hours over 2 weeks. It is important that students abide by their student VISA conditions regarding the number of hours they work.



The Department of Home Affairs has important information that we would encourage international students to read before undertaking any work in Australia: https://archive.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/stud/more/work-conditions-for-student-visa-holders

MIT is here to support you! Please email the MIT Student Support Officer for advice and information: supportmit@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

If you miss class because you have been sick, please go to a General Practitioner (GP):

  • receive treatment
  • obtain a script for any medication
  • request a medical certificate for your time away from studies.

You can email your medical certificate to MIT or hand directly to reception, please do not pass to your teacher.


MIT email: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

MIT will consider any such requests at the discretion of the Director of ELICOS or the Academic Manager MUPC/DIPLOMA.



Please email Request for Leave of Absence to:

MIT email: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

Request for Leave of Absence Form be viewed via:  https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/policies/


As an International Student, it is a condition of your student visa that you have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of your stay in Australia.

While you are in Australia, unfortunately, accidents and illness may happen and medical costs can be expensive.

OSHC is a mandatory requirement of your student visa and you must have OSHC for the entire time you are studying.

OSHC also provides you with peace of mind in knowing that your health will be looked after during your stay in Australia so that you can focus on your studies.


You should already have your OSHC certificate before you arrive in Australia with your policy details.

For non Bupa OSHC

  • please speak with your agent.

For Bupa OSHC

Log in using your policy number, student number, family name and DOB

By following the link:


Please ensure you have your OHSC details when attending an appointment


Course Information

There are a limited number of subjects running each trimester so it depends on what subjects are running. Subjects are chosen with regard to what you are studying at University.  Please contact MIT via email: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

Unfortunately, you cannot move to an area of your timetable that is empty because other subjects will be running during that time. Generally, no.

All overseas students must study for a minimum 20 hours a week Visa conditions. If your subjects do not add up to 20 hours you must add supervised study to make up the difference.

Once you have paid your Trimester fees then you are eligible for your timetable to be emailed to you.

All trimester results are published on your home page on Moodle. These are available on the Friday afternoon after exam weeks. This is the first week of break.

You must review your assessment before asking for the remark.

During trimester, book a consultation (within 5 days of receiving your result) with your teacher and go over the assessment thoroughly. If you find grounds for a remark, complete the remark request form https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/MIT_Form_Remark-Request_APR_2019_FA.pdf


and email it to:

Academic Manager MUPC/DIPLOMA Jill Kadota: Jill.Kadota@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au


Director of ELICOS Pia Valeen:


Examinations at the end of trimester, email the Academic manager for MUPC/DIPLOMA programmes and arrange a time to review the exam paper. Within 5 days of your results being published. If you find grounds for a remark, complete the remark request form



and email it to:


Academic Manager MUPC/DIPLOMA Jill Kadota: Jill.Kadota@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

We would encourage any student considering a Withdrawal from course to firstly speak with MIT staff. Please click on this link to make an appointment.

Appropriate forms can be downloaded at https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/policies/

Appropriate form can be downloaded via: http://our.murdoch.edu.au/Student-life/Get-organised/Useful-forms/Changing-education-provider/

Please submit to Murdoch University International Admissions as they handle any application for release.

Please follow the link below to see entry requirements, there is a row for MIT EAP specifically in the tables for both post and under grad


Fees, payments and refunds

We do not accept cash payments, Fees can be paid at the MIT office by credit card or by direct transfer into the MIT bank account only.

Please email MIT for advice or details: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

No. All payments should be made with your own credit card.

It depends on the course and number of units you are studying in the trimester.

Please email MIT for advice or details: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

You can apply in writing by downloading and completing a refund form at: https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/policies/

You can approach any bank by applying online or in the bank in person by completing an application form.

This applies to domestic students only. At the application stage you can request a payment plan by emailing admissions at: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

Social Activities

Many students find that their studies can be sometimes overwhelming, it is also very important to have a life outside of MIT!

Website Link: https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/life-at-mit/life-outside-of-mit/

One great way of striking up this balance is by engaging in Murdoch University’s Clubs & Societies! Get involved & meet new friends.

Website Link:


There are many sporting clubs and activities to get involved with both on and off campus. In the first instance we would encourage you to make contact with the ‘The Zone’ fitness to discuss official clubs, social sports program, gym and fitness class membership: https://www.murdoch.edu.au/Murdoch-Sports/Health-and-Fitness/

MIT also regularly runs Social Soccer, please check Moodle and MIT Facebook for upcoming matches.

Currently MIT has a:

  • Student Council
  • Student Liaison Sub – Committee
  • Media & Marketing Club
  • Social & Support Group

If you are interested in joining any of these clubs or activities please email: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

Please check MIT Facebook and Moodle for posts regarding U/18 social activities.

You may wish to check this listing for the many U/18 activities available in Perth: https://www.theurbanlist.com/perth/a-list/things-to-do-in-perth-if-youre-a-giant-kid


It is a condition of your student visa that you maintain 80% attendance in your course.

If you breach this condition your MIT CoE may be cancelled and you may be reported to the Department of Home Affairs.

MIT calculates your overall attendance at the start of each week.  Your overall attendance is the number of hours you have attended since the start of the study period until now + perfect attendance for the remainder of the study period.

An example is a student who is in a 10-week course and must attend 10 hours per week.  The total hours of the course are 100 hours.

When the overall attendance of the student is calculated at the end of week 4, this calculation is used:

Hours attended before today = Future hours attended= Total attendance= Total attendance ÷ Total hours of course
30 hours 60 hours 90 hours 90 ÷ 100 x 100 = 90%

You can make an appointment to discuss what your overall attendance percentage is and how we may assist you with attending classes.


Please click on this link to make an appointment.

If you are sick, we strongly suggest you visit a doctor or pharmacist and obtain a medical certificate. Email or bring your medical certificate to MIT and we will take a photocopy and place it on file.

Please note we do not adjust your percentage (we do not remove the absent hours), however, these documents will be considered if your attendance falls below 80% and you commence an internal appeal process with MIT.

MIT email: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

  1. If your overall attendance falls below 90%, you will receive your first warning letter.
  2. If your overall attendance falls to 85%, you will receive your second warning letter.
  3. If your overall attendance falls below 80%, you will receive an NOI Letter – Notice of Intent to Report to the Department of Home Affairs.

You will have 20 working days to submit an internal appeal letter to MIT.  After you submit your letter, you will have an appeal meeting.

If MIT accepts your internal appeal, no report will be made to the Department of Home Affairs.

If MIT rejects your internal appeal, you may make an external appeal to the Overseas Student Ombudsman, who will assess your circumstances and MIT’s decision.  The Ombudsman may rule in favour of the student or in favour of MIT.

Please note that during any appeals process you must continue studying.

If you are experiencing personal or health issues, it is always best to let MIT know what is happening so that we can offer you support.  You can make an appointment with Richard Jones, Student Support Officer, to discuss any issues which you may be experiencing. It is much better to let someone know rather than stay quiet. Please click on this link to make an appointment.

Academic Support

MIT offers a range of fantastic workshops during lunchtimes, these workshops cover a range of topics to help you improve your English and get better academic results. Learn skills such as essay writing, literacy, oral presentation, research, numeracy and critical thinking. Check them out on Moodle

Please fill out a Special Consideration Form and couple this with your Medical Certificate or evidence of issue (police report or accident report etc.).

Special Consideration Form:  https://www.murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au/policies/

You can email your Special Consideration Form to MIT info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

Forms must be received within 24 hours of an assessment!

MIT email: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

Please visit a doctor to receive treatment and also obtain a medical certificate.

Please then apply for special consideration coupled with the medical certificate via:



MIT email: info@murdochinstitute.wa.edu.au

MIT support staff and teachers would encourage you to check Moodle daily for updates on course and MIT related information.

International Students

  • You are expected to attend all scheduled lectures, tutorials, supervised study, workshops and other classes
  • If you are in a Foundation Studies program, English Program, the College will systematically monitor your attendance and report to Department of Home affairs (HA) where your attendance is unsatisfactory
  • The College will monitor your attendance and will report to the HA where your attendance is unsatisfactory.
  • In all cases if you do not attend classes you will risk failure and review of academic progress

Your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) may be cancelled by the College for several reasons. For example, your CoE may be cancelled because you have:


  • failed to enrol
  • failed to pay your tuition fees
  • decided to defer your studies to a later date
  • decided to withdraw from studies at the College
  • decided to transfer to a different education provider (having completed 6 months in your primary course)
  • completed your studies early

If your CoE is cancelled by Student Support, you will be notified on the date of this cancellation. You will then have 28 days from this date to either:

  • leave Australia
  • apply for a different visa
  • apply to have your CoE reinstated

After 28 days, your student visa may be cancelled at any time by the Department of Home Affairs .

  • Decisions regarding the cancellation of your student visa are the sole responsibility of the Department of Home Affairs 
  • MIT does not and cannot cancel or reinstate your student visa
  • Your student visa may be cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs in the event that you breach your visa conditions.
  • If your CoE is cancelled by the University for any reason and you think this may affect your student visa, please contact DHA

For student visa holders, it is a condition of your student visa that you update your contact details within 7 days of these changing – failure to notify MIT will result in a breach of your visa conditions.

Week 1 of Study