Academic Programs

No matter which level you start at with MIT we can help make sure you are on your pathway to university success. Take a look at the routes below which can be customised to your needs.

Why Use MIT As An Alternate Route to University?

  • An accelerated pathway means you graduate earlier – start earning sooner and accumulate less student loan debt. 
  • Students with a low or no ATAR – you do not have to repeat Year 12! The MUPC can help you meet university entry requirements.
  • We provide the academic support you need while providing you with the foundations for success.

Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC)

The MIT Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC) is your pathway into university even if you don’t currently meet entry requirements. This program prepares you for your chose Murdoch University program.

If you successfully complete the MUPC you are guaranteed a place into the first-year of your chose Murdoch University degree.

The MUPC is typically suited to you if:

  • Australian students who have completed year 12 with a low ATAR. Students with an ATAR over 50 should consider undertaking a Diploma program.
  • Australian students with no ATAR.
  • Mature age students who do not meet standard university entry requirements.
  • International students with sufficient English ability. If you do not meet English requirements we do offer English programs to get you there.
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Diploma Programs

Our Diploma programs launch you straight into the second year of your chosen degree at Murdoch University.

At MIT, we offer a choice of three diplomas:

Diploma programs are suitable for: 

  • Australian students who have completed year 12 with an ATAR above 50
  • International students who meet the academic and English entry requirements
  • Mature age students with sufficient experience.

English Language Centre

Our language centre is designed to prepare students for academic English so that they can succeed at Murdoch University. You might choose to study an English program with us before moving into a Diploma or MUPC program, or you might just want to enhance your English before heading to Murdoch University.

We offer two programs to suit the different English language requirements for our students:

  • General English – ideal for those who want to study an MUPC or Diploma before progressing to university
  • English for Academic Purposes – suitable for you if you need to meet English entry requirements in order to study at university