English for Academic Purposes

CRICOS Course Code: 069098D


Have you considered studying in Australia as an international student but need to improve your English language skills first? Our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course is designed to help you excel in your chosen field. Learn to communicate with confidence and improve essential study skills in an English-speaking academic environment.

MIT offers a flexible teaching structure that is tailored to you depending on your future study choices. If you plan to continue on to a Diploma or Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUCP), you’ll complete our EAP 1 course. If you are preparing to enter university directly, you’ll complete EAP2.

The EAP syllabus and course dates have been carefully designed to allow students a smooth transition from English to tertiary studies. With three intakes per year, we’ll make sure you’re ready for further study whatever time of the year you need to start your course.

In our EAP course, we’ve created an adult learning environment that introduces you to university teaching methodologies. You’ll engage in collaborative learning, structured self-study, and student-teacher dialogue just as though you were studying a bachelor degree. You can expect a range of multi-media materials and challenging tasks that encourage you to draw on your future study direction or past career experience. 

Our experienced team of teachers will carefully guide your development across the four key language skill sets. Our course is designed to improve accuracy, fluency, and confidence across reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Here are some skills you can expect to develop across these four key areas:

Speaking: giving presentations, participating in seminars and tutorials, working in groups.

Listening: listening to lectures, note-taking techniques, listening skills practice.

Reading: strategies such as skimming and scanning, understanding assignment questions, coping with extended reading.

Writing: learning to construct paragraphs, essays, reports and summaries, analyses of numerical data and case studies, research and referencing techniques.

Campus Life and Facilities

Studying on campus means that you gain access to the world-class facilities offered by Murdoch University and you get to see what life is like studying at an Australian University.


Our flexible course structure means your start date and length of course will be determined by your unique requirements.

Dedicated Support

Studying General English with us, you’ll begin by having your course pathway tailored to your English level and receive individual assessment every five weeks. With smaller class sizes and a focus on student welfare and guidance, at MIT you’ll receive the care and individual attention you need to thrive.

Pathway Entry Requirements


  • MUPC: IELTS 5.0
  • Diploma: IELTS 5.0


  • Murdoch University Undergraduate: IELTS 5.5
  • Murdoch University Postgraduate: IELTS 5.5 – IELTS 6.5 depending on the course

The full list of entry requirements can be found on our English and Academic entry requirements page.

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